Sunday, May 29

Squirrel and Bone

The Squirrel shirt is done! At least all the stitching is, all that's left is to zombie it up.

Stitching detail (might need to go over again to make the stitching move noticeable)

Igor now has all the supplies he needs to start the mask

Hoping to have the paper-mache done on the thing by the end of the month, but it all depends on how fast Igor's little fingers get to work.

I've put together a simple little dancing outfit for Saturday and am working on more complicated ones for future performances - including getting started on another belt (no I haven't finished the lace one, but I'm ignoring that for now).

Don't know what I'm going to back it with yet, but probably some kind of lace (it's becoming a thing for me, lace and bone) and there should be more danglies I think.

Now the productivity continues while I watch more weirdness! Yesterday it was a Twin Peaks marathon, today Barton Fink and Dr. Who! Yay!!!

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