Sunday, May 29

Squirrel and Bone

The Squirrel shirt is done! At least all the stitching is, all that's left is to zombie it up.

Stitching detail (might need to go over again to make the stitching move noticeable)

Igor now has all the supplies he needs to start the mask

Hoping to have the paper-mache done on the thing by the end of the month, but it all depends on how fast Igor's little fingers get to work.

I've put together a simple little dancing outfit for Saturday and am working on more complicated ones for future performances - including getting started on another belt (no I haven't finished the lace one, but I'm ignoring that for now).

Don't know what I'm going to back it with yet, but probably some kind of lace (it's becoming a thing for me, lace and bone) and there should be more danglies I think.

Now the productivity continues while I watch more weirdness! Yesterday it was a Twin Peaks marathon, today Barton Fink and Dr. Who! Yay!!!

Monday, May 23

Holy Moley, Sensory Overload 2011!!!

Just got back from Tribal Fest last night and my head is still spinning. The workshops! The vendors! The performances!!! It's gonna take just a wee bit to sort everything out that I saw and did on the trip, but until then, here are some pieces for new costumes I acquired and a couple other random photos from the trip.

A lovely hip wrap

The perfect metal piece for my next headdress

This amazingly sparkly scarf that I think I'm going to make into skirt panels

But the best thing I got, my new pride and joy, is this:

So beautiful, I can hardly believe it's mine and I get to wear it whenever I want!

And now for some silly trip pictures!

Andria pointed this out, I think she was hoping Ash was inside

This is the first day of performances and I think I was a little over excited to have my wrist stamped to get in and see some amazing dancers.

We went out Saturday night to a bad, bad bar that was very dark and kinda skeezy - but I had fun.

So dark! Who are these ridiculous people?

The only good thing about the place was a random old dentist's chair - it might've been a barber chair, but I'd like to think it used to belong to some cranky old dentist. It does look like it made me a little uncomfortable (might also have been the flash)

but Krista was very comfortable in it

Yeah, I'm pretty horrible when it comes to taking trip photos - I'm kinda lucky I remembered to take any at all.

Final thought of the night before I go to sleep, enjoy!

Monday, May 9

What a frakkin' crazy weekend!

Performing on Friday, helping supervise and herd nearly twelve tweens for a sleep over on Saturday, very little sleep both that night and last night, mother's day (which was actually relaxing just hanging out with the moms and puttering around the yard when the sun decided to come out for a few minutes), a little secondhand store shopping. I certainly didn't get to do everything I wanted to this weekend, and on Sunday I made the hard decision of choosing much needed alone time instead of hanging out with awesome people - but sometimes I just need time to be a hermit!

On the bright side, I found this at the Goodwill near my parents' house (the one on 52nd, just off Woodstock in SE):

Which will probably be incorporated into the next headdress.

I also started the shirt for my squirrel costume

P.S. I totally looked up frakking to make sure it should be spelled with two 'k's and not one. Yeah . . .

Sunday, May 8

Plan B!

So, neither the bra nor the belt I was planning to wear on Friday were what I actually wore. The bra is structurally dangerous and the belt is still in its proto-planning stage.

Good news is that plan b was in full effect! Here's some action shots of what I actually wore:

Dancy dance!

Oh and here's the headdress that one of my teachers made, so beautiful (I won it in a class raffle).

More detailed shots to come of the individual pieces!

Starting today it's full steam ahead for Halloween costuming - especially since I *just* fully comprehended that I will be a bit preoccupied the week before Halloween since that's the week that Arkham City comes out. (Thank you Andria and Krista for having no faith whatsoever in my ability to resist playing it until after Halloween.) Yeah, so everything needs to be set up and ready for October 31st by October 18th because this is what I'll be emerging myself in:

(Yeah, that's the old teaser trailer, but it's still my favorite. If you're interested in the latest: Batman: Arkham City - Official Gameplay Trailer)