Wednesday, July 27

New Top for August

A quick picture of the new top I'm almost finished with. I'm going to wear it in my performance next month and am working on the pants and belt to go with it.

Pretty happy with it so far - I just need to get it done! Now, the real question is why the hell did I think it was a good idea to make an *entirely* new costume for a performance during one of the busiest summers in my life? Sometimes I mystify myself.

Thursday, July 7

Low Productivity - and yet I leave on vacation next week!!!

I've done nothing to further my projects and yet I leave next Monday on a week long caravaning extravaganza!!!

Unfortunately/luckily the class I wanted to go to tonight is canceled and I can finish up packing, organize the projects I need to bring with me, and finish up my ebook reader cover.

So this is the packing progress I've made so far

but I'm hoping it will look like this by Sunday evening!

Now, in lieu of project pictures here's some of how I picture our trip will be like.

Ha! Not really, I know it'll feel more like this

and I'll love it!

Although I'd also love it if we dressed up like this when we drink coffee at the campsite in the morning

Now, back to packing!