Sunday, May 8

Plan B!

So, neither the bra nor the belt I was planning to wear on Friday were what I actually wore. The bra is structurally dangerous and the belt is still in its proto-planning stage.

Good news is that plan b was in full effect! Here's some action shots of what I actually wore:

Dancy dance!

Oh and here's the headdress that one of my teachers made, so beautiful (I won it in a class raffle).

More detailed shots to come of the individual pieces!

Starting today it's full steam ahead for Halloween costuming - especially since I *just* fully comprehended that I will be a bit preoccupied the week before Halloween since that's the week that Arkham City comes out. (Thank you Andria and Krista for having no faith whatsoever in my ability to resist playing it until after Halloween.) Yeah, so everything needs to be set up and ready for October 31st by October 18th because this is what I'll be emerging myself in:

(Yeah, that's the old teaser trailer, but it's still my favorite. If you're interested in the latest: Batman: Arkham City - Official Gameplay Trailer)

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