Friday, January 15

Halloween in December! (I actually wrote this post Dec. 3rd but am just posting it!)

Of course I'm posting about Halloween costumes over a month late and of course I don't have any really good pics from the night. What I do have are a few pictures of the most impressive parts of mine and Igor's costumes - plus a couple great shots of Igor in full regalia. Enjoy!

His Helmet:

My Cape:

I got really excited and made Igor pose with this short Adam West-style Batman.

The Painted Pair

P.S. This was last year

Sunday, January 10

The Winter Snail Has Sallied Forth!

This is him in his stencil form

His skin in nubblier (or more knobbly?) and his colors are different, but it's so much easier to create the little fellow this way!

My Tiny Tabletop Winter Snail Factory

(It's hard to tell, but on my tiny tv is a mayoral Christopher Walken fleeing the infamous Red Triangle Gang. Oh no! Run!)

And this is what I have in my ears these days

What I watched today:
Fashions of the future!

High-pitched costumed diva

And this to wash the taste of "Avatar" out of my mouth

Friday, January 8

The First Framed Frankenstien Flower

I actually completed this project back in November (when I was still being marginally productive) for a friend's birthday present.

It's all felt and thread and a hand painted watercolor background in a secondhand wood frame.

And now, some things I distracted myself with during my mostly unproductive December:

Painted People:
Artistic Makeup Photo Pool

Teddy Boys:

My New Favorite Thing:

And finally, I wish someone had read me the 3 Little Pigs like this when I was a kid.