Wednesday, March 17

I wish . . .

that I needed this top for my LLR costume. An actual victorian era blouse that's in my size and I could (potentially) afford. Sigh, but I just couldn't justify the purchase - especially since I've been spending so much money on other bits for costumes - so instead I memorialize it here.

This blouse needed love and a home - and I just couldn't give it to it.

Sunday, March 7

The Costuming - Halloween 2010

I've already started my and Igor's costumes for Halloween this year, partially because I want to try and make as much of them as possible, and partially because I don't want to wait 'till the last minute and then spend a whole bunch of time and money on the things I need to complete the costumes at the last minute. So, I'm doing them gradually and I'm doing them cheap (as possible).

The costumes: Quasi-Late Victorian Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood - after she gets out of his stomach (this means lots o' blood and scratches on me and for Igor his guts falling out of a slit across the stomach of his vest)

So far I have
- Patterns for everything I need to sew
- Fake fur for Igor's ears
- Fangs
- Liquid Latex (because of zombie related activities I always have a supply on hand)
- A jacket to modify into Igor's frock coat
- Shoes for both of us (from past costumes)

What I need
- Fabric for my dress, my vest and Igor's pants
- Fabric for my hood (can't forget that)
- Make-up for Igor's wolf face
- Flower for my hair (properly wilted and perhaps half digested)

First, I'm making a test vest for myself out of Simplicity "sewstylish" #2862. I'm going to have to adjust the vest to give it a more Victorian look, but nothing too drastic. My friend Sara, who also happens to be a sewing genius, is helping with the fitting.

I just bought a vest I can use for Igor.

So far I've already removed the zippers and plan on adding pocket flaps and perhaps trimming the edge with black silk or velvet - on the other hand I may not do too much with the vest since I am just going to slit it open in the end and the main feature of it will be Igor's wolfy guts hanging out of it. I chose a double breasted vest so there will be more fabric available to attach the guts to. In the past I've had trouble getting the guts to stay in place and/or the backing I've put in to support them slipping out and showing.

Well, it has begun.

Next step: getting fabric for my dress and Igor's pants.