Monday, May 9

What a frakkin' crazy weekend!

Performing on Friday, helping supervise and herd nearly twelve tweens for a sleep over on Saturday, very little sleep both that night and last night, mother's day (which was actually relaxing just hanging out with the moms and puttering around the yard when the sun decided to come out for a few minutes), a little secondhand store shopping. I certainly didn't get to do everything I wanted to this weekend, and on Sunday I made the hard decision of choosing much needed alone time instead of hanging out with awesome people - but sometimes I just need time to be a hermit!

On the bright side, I found this at the Goodwill near my parents' house (the one on 52nd, just off Woodstock in SE):

Which will probably be incorporated into the next headdress.

I also started the shirt for my squirrel costume

P.S. I totally looked up frakking to make sure it should be spelled with two 'k's and not one. Yeah . . .

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