Thursday, June 23

Costuming in the Great Outdoors

Since it was so nice out on Monday evening I decided to take my wire and fake fur outside and make some progress on the tail.


So right now it just looks like a furry ironing board, but wait 'til I get it bent into shape.

In the mean time I need to start working on the costume for my next dance performance and Dark Alice. For the latter I've decided to go as the Dormouse and I really want some ears like this:

They'll be pretty easy to make and I can tailor the veil exactly how I want it. Might even go crazy and make them with blonde lace so when I pin my hair up on the ears they will show up better - oh, that is brilliant. Why, thank you!

Alright, simmer down. This week has got me feeling a little loopy so I'm off to get ready for bed and try to get some decent sleep tonight!

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