Monday, May 23

Holy Moley, Sensory Overload 2011!!!

Just got back from Tribal Fest last night and my head is still spinning. The workshops! The vendors! The performances!!! It's gonna take just a wee bit to sort everything out that I saw and did on the trip, but until then, here are some pieces for new costumes I acquired and a couple other random photos from the trip.

A lovely hip wrap

The perfect metal piece for my next headdress

This amazingly sparkly scarf that I think I'm going to make into skirt panels

But the best thing I got, my new pride and joy, is this:

So beautiful, I can hardly believe it's mine and I get to wear it whenever I want!

And now for some silly trip pictures!

Andria pointed this out, I think she was hoping Ash was inside

This is the first day of performances and I think I was a little over excited to have my wrist stamped to get in and see some amazing dancers.

We went out Saturday night to a bad, bad bar that was very dark and kinda skeezy - but I had fun.

So dark! Who are these ridiculous people?

The only good thing about the place was a random old dentist's chair - it might've been a barber chair, but I'd like to think it used to belong to some cranky old dentist. It does look like it made me a little uncomfortable (might also have been the flash)

but Krista was very comfortable in it

Yeah, I'm pretty horrible when it comes to taking trip photos - I'm kinda lucky I remembered to take any at all.

Final thought of the night before I go to sleep, enjoy!

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