Friday, April 2

Fabric & Frock Coats, Gashes & Gore

I got the fabric for Igor's pants and man is it stipey! I've also collected all the fabric I need for my dress and am ready to start cutting and sewing.

The pants are already about half done - easiest things ever! At least so far, but I still have to fit them and put in the zipper.

For his frock coat I'm combining a blazer that Igor wore a couple years ago with another second-hand blazer to get the correct length. I have a pattern to go off, but it's just going to be easier to put it together without the patter (plus the coats already have finished hems I can use - plus I just don't have enough fabric to cut out the pattern pieces).

Now, if I could only figure out how to get started on my dress because that is one involved pattern.

On the makeup front I've been purusing wolf looks and gash options. I came across the video below and might actually spring for the sculpt gel she uses because it makes some amazing looking wounds.