Sunday, March 20

Holy Costume Supplies, Batman!

So, until I sat down today and started to lay out all my supplies to see what might go with what for which costumes, I had *no* idea how much I'd collected over the last six months. So much fabric! So many baubles! Trim! And danglies! And sparklies - oh, frackin' my!



Stuffs galore!

And that's just a taste of some of the more recently acquired stuffs! As overwhelmed as I am with the possibilities, there are the three things I'm going to (try to) focus on for my next dance costume.

The bra (note the pins)

The belt (still in its proto stage)

The headdress (just a bunch o'bits)

I want the three main metal crescents to stand up and I think I can do that with some wire in the back and some hot glue. I think.

What does it all equal? I . . . don't really know. Last costume had a kinda barbarian circus feel (and I will be posting more photos of that one soon), but I have no idea the theme behind this one.

In Halloween costume news, I've got all the clothes for my costume together, big gnome pants for Igor, and a good creepy mask to build his evil gnome face on. My plan is to have Igor's costume done by the end of next month and my tail done by the end of June, then all that's left is my mask and getting all the stuff to decorate the house with - which I had a little epiphany about a couple days ago. For my birthday I'll have an evil gnome and zombie forest animal making party. No need for gifts, I'll just ask people to bring a baby doll or stuffed animal to zombify and - viola - we're well on our way to our own haunted forest!