Tuesday, October 25

Costume Test Run

The mask is almost done!!!

A little touch up on the paint and then putting in the one eye and that's it!

And we did a test run of Igor's evil gnome.

All he needs is a few adjustments and he'll be perfect!

The Zombie Gnome Plague is Upon Us!

Okay, been so busy it's been hard to write a post so this will be photo heavy and word light!

First some daytime shots

The mailbox gnome is one of my favorites

The porch lit up at night (very hard to see stuff in these nighttime photos, but you get the idea)

Some of our little creatures at night

Here's my little guy again

There was only one minor mishap during setup when Igor put a staple in his finger

Mmmm, tasty.

And finally, the pumpkins we carved

Happy almost Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 4

Halloween is in the Air

And another fine, productive weekend! This time with pictures.

The biggest accomplishment of the weekend was getting the two largest pieces of our Halloween yard display up: the tree and the boarded-up window. While the tree isn't completely done, the hardest parts are up and the rest will be to easy finish.

Igor pretty much made the entire window dressing himself. He's definitely the top of my list for people I want on my team come the apocalypse. As you can see he's very handy with a drill.

I think it took less than an hour for him to get it all together and for us to put it up.

While he was doing that I took the drapes I'd cut up the night before

(so therapeutic) and tea stained them. I used earl grey and it made the house smell amazing.

Then we put up the boards and (after staining the drapes again with old coffee grounds, since the earl grey didn't make them quite dark enough) I hung the drapes up to dry.

The tree turned out amazing. We used chicken wire as the frame and then just stretched a curtain over that. I actually sewed the curtain onto the wire and then Igor painted the face. All I had to say to Igor was, 'Do you think you can paint it with an evil tree face?' and he knew exactly what I meant. Seriously, top of the list.

All boarded up and ready for the zombie gnome plague.

The tree still needs some branches and leaves added, but we got about 80% of the work done.

Sunday I worked more on the gnomes and various forest creatures.

My mini zombie factory.

I arranged some brambles to make a secure little gnome patch and placed the first two zombie gnomes.

The idea is that the dolls will be kinda hidden until nighttime when we turn on led lights that will show them off in an appropriately creepy way.

These two are my favorite

The white, bleeding eyes were Igor's idea.

And that's it for now! Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's seasonal movie: The Monster Squad.

After that I think I'll move onto something a little more sophisticated