Monday, June 27

Productive Days Are Here Again!

Considering Saturday was spent going to see The Full Cirque's Dark Side of Knight, my good friend perform with The Sprockettes, and then going to watch a Timber's game, I'm surprised I managed to get so much done last weekend.

Exhibit A: Great progress on my new dance pants! Using some existing pants as a pattern I cut out pieces of my fancy new striped fabric. Now they're all sewn together and I've semi-pinned them to the tops that I'm going to attach them to.

Exhibit B: A cellphone bag for my mom's birthday. Last weekend mom showed me her new phone, and the sock she carries it around it. Nothing wrong with using a sock as a carrying case - sometimes it's the best thing for the job. But when she showed it to me it was mentioned she wanted a real case for it. Her birthday is tomorrow so I thought it'd be perfect to whip up a little pouch for the phone. Voila!

And here it is wrapped up all purdy

This was really simple and only took me about one episode of Twin Peaks to make. Yes, I'm still obsessed with re-watching Twin Peaks. That show is unbelievably good, weird and surprising - and it doesn't hurt that Kyle McLaughlin is an idiosyncratic cutie in it.

The weekend is almost upon me again and already it's full of wonderful, exciting things - which I will report on in my next post.

Now I leave you with a pick from the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball that Krista and I attended the weekend before last.

Thursday, June 23

Costuming in the Great Outdoors

Since it was so nice out on Monday evening I decided to take my wire and fake fur outside and make some progress on the tail.


So right now it just looks like a furry ironing board, but wait 'til I get it bent into shape.

In the mean time I need to start working on the costume for my next dance performance and Dark Alice. For the latter I've decided to go as the Dormouse and I really want some ears like this:

They'll be pretty easy to make and I can tailor the veil exactly how I want it. Might even go crazy and make them with blonde lace so when I pin my hair up on the ears they will show up better - oh, that is brilliant. Why, thank you!

Alright, simmer down. This week has got me feeling a little loopy so I'm off to get ready for bed and try to get some decent sleep tonight!