Tuesday, September 22

With Scissors on My Arm . . .

This is my official project blog. It's the first day of Fall and I am brimming over with ideas, which I'm finally ready to bring to life!

I've been gluing and sewing and sketching and writing and binding and gluing some more and, most of all, cutting things for years - but I am finally getting organized about it all. I'm not sure if I want to someday start selling all the weird little things I make, but I do want start making them of the quality that I could sell them if I chose to.

So, what are the three 'Q's? Quality Quirky Quackery! I will also be striving to come up with some better 'Q's.

Assisting me in this endeavor will be my trusty project book, the original Little Book of It Could've Been Worse. I made it about two years ago and in it I've recorded some of my better ideas.

And as the book says, Now

Recent Inspirations:
The Tim Burton's Tricks & Treats shoot
The I Heart Tim Burton photo shoot(these photos are actually from here)

Burnt Flower tutorial from barbolot on craftster

New York World's Fair (also the specifically 1939 New York World's fair photo pool)