Saturday, April 9

Trying to concentrate on things other than Halloween

So, I've started my next dancing bra - nope it's not the one I showed last time. Instead, it's a basic striped covering I'll be able to build on and make more interesting in the future, but for now it's just something I can wear under a vest that goes with the next costume.

So it begins:

In non-bellydance, not even Halloween, related news, I'm making a new cropped hoodie for myself. I found a button up cardigan-type shirt at Goodwill that I liked the buttons and unfinished hem on, but the cut was all wrong. So, I took off the bottom of the thing and am making it into a hood.

Hope this will be a quick project so I can start to wear it as the weather turns more and more Spring-like (alright, maybe I'm getting a little bit excited about it).

While I work tonight, Igor and I are watching a classic: Leon, The Professional. Jean Reno, one of Natalie Portman's good roles, and a drug crazed Gary Oldman - yes, please! My only question is: why do they make such crappy trailers for such awesome movies?

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