Wednesday, April 6

Already? Really?

The last couple days I've felt a little wistful for Fall. For those who worship the sunnier seasons, this probably sounds crazy. Maybe it's all the costuming I've been doing the last few weeks, maybe it's because I've been doing some Halloween 2011 planning and purchasing . . but I kinda wish it was the beginning of Autumn instead of Spring. I know, I know, winter's just ended and here I want crisp winds and decaying leaves already. I'm sure I'll change my mind on the first truly glorious day we have, but for now I'll dream of Fall.

Speaking of which, Halloween costume stuff!

This mask will become part of Igor's evil gnome face once it's painted up right.

This is the fur I just purchased to make my take and ears

It's almost mangy enough, maybe if I rub it around in the dirt a bit . . .





Underneath I wore these nice subtlety sparkly pants and the vest I wore is currently undergoing modifications for another costume. Speaking of which, I have to finish the next dance costume by May 5th because I perform again on the 6th! Woohoo? What happened to my promise to myself to not perform again until August? Oh well.

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