Wednesday, November 3

Until Next Year . . .

I had a wonderful Halloween weekend as I hope everyone did! There was lots o' dancing and drinking and free cupcakes, giant babies and long-lost friends found, sugar-crazed children and general revelry.

This Halloween also made me realize how every day I should consider myself putting on a costume: my going to work costumes, my going out to play costumes, costumes for bike rides and rainy days and snowy days and adventure walks, even my I'm-a-gamer-who-isn't-even-going-outside-once-today costume (this consists of a bathrobe with a hood and the comfiest sweatpants known to humankind).

Anyway, as the Halloween dust settles I'll post more pics, but here's the first of us in full costume:

Best after Halloween movie ever? The Nightmare Before Christmas of course!

A short list of what I hope to work on this winter:
- Fancy framed felt flowers
- Books, books, books
- Swirly, shiny, kick-ass belly dance costuming
- Soup for all occasions!
- Gruesome gnome stories

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