Thursday, August 12

The Scrumptious Smell of Fungus

So, in my next post I'll show pics of my recent productivity, but first I must rave about the new "perfume" I just bought. I put perfume in quotes because I have never been a perfume person, to me perfume was something that old ladies and high maintenance types wore - but all that has changed. There are an amazing array of natural scents out there these days, hand mixed by artisans and all made without animal testing or chemicals. And I've fallen in love with one of them.

Before I go on, let me make this clear: I love the smell of figs. Fresh figs, fig dishes, and especially fig essences (here imagine me rubbing my hands together and saying 'essences' like that creepy mad scientist Skesis from the Dark Crystal). Up until a few months ago it was almost impossible to find a good fig lotion or soap like I had years ago when I first discovered my obsession. Then I started finding fig products everywhere. I got soap and candles and body wash, but still could not find a good fig lotion I liked. Then I searched on Etsy (which is a whole different obsession). When I searched the word fig a shop called The Morbid The Merrier was one of the first that came up, selling a fig perfume and even though I wasn't looking for a perfume the name of the shop and the look of the bottle made me click through. TMTM sells perfumes with names like Saucy Jack, Barnum, Harlot and Lizzie. She also has a black fig concoction called Athelia. I know what you're thinking: Ooo, that sounds beautiful - wait, isn't that the name of a fungus and a rare congenital disease? Right on all three accounts, which is what makes it so awesome!

I just received my little Morbid package this morning and the scent does not disappoint. It is layered and rich and very figgy without being too heavy or sweet.

Now that I know Morbid mixes a mean scent I am fairly giddy for the next line she is coming out with which will include perfumes inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (my favorite short story of all time!), including a Horseman scent that sounds swoon worthy!

So, having shamelessly promoted this artist, go check out her wares on Etsy here, or at her new shop site The Morbid The Merrier.

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