Sunday, March 30

2014 Projects - And Other Shiny Things

So, I've given a review of last year - now here's what's on the table for 2014:
  • Post-Apoc Halloween Costumes
    • Including 3 or 4 props
  • RCCC
  • Tiki-Kon
  • New Halloween House Display
  • Orycon 36
  • Submitting a story for publication
  • Possibly a trip over to the Netherlands (fingers crossed)
I've already got the base of my post-apoc Halloween costume and am working on collecting all the bits I need to pull it together. Igor is starting by pulling together all the bits and pieces so we have things like his mask that needs to be modified and lacrosse padding that we'll use for the base of his armor.

Despite being distracted by playing Arkham Origins (I beat Slade on my second try!), I've managed to start on props. I have one set of rusted bottle caps, but I'm working on making more. A little hammering and a little patience and I'll have all the rusted bottle caps I could ever need!
 Hammering metal into shape is also good therapy.

I lucked out and found this great parasol at a second hand store. It was only a couple bucks and has inspired me to make a tattered, weaponized post-apoc parasol weapon!
 Sure it looks all sweet now, but it won't be when I'm done with it.

I also found this great, old distressed bat for a few bucks that I wanted to make into a prop, but Igor pointed out that we probably wouldn't be let into a bar with a real baseball bat with nails sticking out of it. Sadly, he has a point - but it's still an awesome bat so I'll have to find some other use for it, maybe as part of the house decor . . .

Finally, I put the first coat of paint on the Nerf gun and it's well on its way to being the apocalyptic BFG of my dreams. Whoever first thought of spraying a Nerf gun with matte black paint was a genius.
All it needs now is one more coat and some weathering effects.

Things are starting to come together! Now if I can just stay on schedule . . .

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