Thursday, September 22

First Day of Fall Tomorrow!!!

Well, it should be, but it hasn't felt like fall yet this week. This week the temperature's been in the 80s with nothing but sun sun sun. Ah, but last week, last week was gorgeous with rain and clouds and a little nip in the air. Sigh, and yet *this* week Summer is trying to rear it's ugly, sweaty head again. Give up Summer, tomorrow it's the 23rd and officially Fall! Laugh your last, hot fetid breath if you can - soon all will be as Autumn wills it!!!

Yeah, I'm done with summer.

As I wait for my favorite season to truly begin I've been working on Halloween plans. Not only getting costumes together, but working on pieces for the house. Igor and I have decided to go all out on the house this year and keep our costumes simple (i.e. no face makeup).

Way back on the 3rd I had a Birthday Zombie Making BBQ. Friends and family came over to eat grilled things and make zombies out of discarded children's toys.

Some were gorier than others

(that's a twig though the squirrel's nose)

Some were more disturbing

But all the zombies were kid tested and mother approved.

There was also a good deal of eating and drinking and sitting around

(And Igor wore my favorite t-shirt of his, the red Christopher Walken 'I got a fever' shirt. More Cowbell!)

Speaking of Igor, last week he finished the clay sculpting for my squirrel mask and I molded the mouth.

Then I put on the first layer of newspaper, covering it with a shiny layer of Elmer's glue to keep it all together.

Here are what my fingers looked like when I was done

I was very proud of them.

I'm following this guy's methods since he's not only a talented mask maker, but specifically a talented squirrel mask maker: Branden Byers.

Holy moly, I'm downright giddy it's so close to October!!! I'm already watching old horror movies and listening to my favorite seasonal music - well, I do those things year round, but it just feels more special this time of year.

This week's featured movie: Curse of The Crimson Altar (or The Crimson Cult according to Netflix). Staring Christopher Lee, Michael Gough, and Boris Karloff it's a cheezy little romp though the pastoral, witch filled, English countryside.

And it has some awesome costumes in just the first few moments of the film.

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