Thursday, October 7

Dress, Hood, Hatchet, Teeth, Guts - Action!

I've conquered the sleeves, tamed the zippers and answered the eternal question: just what the hell can I use to make realistic looking guts? I'll come to that in a minute, but first the dress:

And here's a detail of the arm (I didn't have enough of the red fabric so I improvised)

I've also revamped the cheap prop hatchet I got and it has been transformed from this:

to this:

Igor has had his teeth fitted:

(I think he really likes them)

And (essential to my costume) my hood is done!

Now, as to guts. I was fully prepared to work with pig intestine casings to make realistic looking guts for Igor. Fortunately for my budget, my vegetarian friends and perhaps those who will have to smell Igor on Halloween, I've found an alternative: old bike tire tubes. These should be thin and flexible enough to mold into the configurations I need, while being more durable and (let's face it) won't rot. Perfect!

Next up on The Strange Stitchery: How to make the best fake guts ever!

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